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Customer Journey Identification & Optimization

Our team will identify the customer journey’s milestones, and work to remove barriers from their route. After implemented, we will track the results continuously to refine our strategy.

Ad Creative & Copy Creation

To be effective, paid social advertising requires high-quality content and multimedia strategies. The paid media experts from Power Digital will create exclusive creatives and content that will make your advertising stand out from the competition.

Pixel Tracking Setup & QA

Watching your customers’ activities will provide useful insight into their individual procurement processes. Our team will set up pixel tracking across your channels and calculate results quality, and make adjustments as needed.

Audience Builds & Segmentation

Your paid ads is a waste of money, if it is shown to the wrong people. Our team will use their experience to segment your audience and create our advertising to present to every single person in your consumer base so that you can show the right people the right ads.

Product Feed Creation & Management

Showing relevant products in your advertising to your prospects and customers can help to entice them back to your site. Our team will take care to curate and maintain feeds of these items so you can see results without the heavy lifting.

Testing & Optimization

As we introduce and continue a new paid marketing strategy, we will check the ads and carry on making improvements to maximize results.


  • Map the customer journey
  • Launch & Test Ads
  • Results & Growth

Our team will spend time modeling out what your customer experience will look like to kick things off. It provides an overview of all of the existing paying activities, business environment and strategy for segmenting the audience.

Once we get a better understanding of your customer, we’ll start launching and testing new ads. We will generate both copy and creative assets while testing new messaging, creative, and targeting until we find the perfect combination.

The improvements we make are expected to boost the social impact you have paid for. You’ll see your customer base and its lifetime value rising, making you more money!

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