All with our hearts, because your brand deserves it!

We are more than an agency

The brainchild of ‘Ad’ and ‘tric,’ representing our expertise in crafting compelling ads with data-driven metrics that drive remarkable results.

Our aim is to be your go-to partner, offering a wide range of services to meet all your targets. From strategic planning to creative execution, we provide a seamless approach that spans across mediums.

This team is a dynamic fusion of left-brain thinkers and right-brain dreamers, collaborating seamlessly to devise ingenious marketing strategies that gleefully obliterate expectations like a burst of confetti. With our expertise, you can trust us to deliver innovative and effective solutions that drive results to make Performace, Simplified!

We Pledge!

Our Winning Streak Reflects Yours!

We toast to your success because when you hit a home run, so do we!

Who Wants Ordinary?

We question the status quo and craft artistic statements, so your brand can look the best!

Partnerships, not Parting Ships!

Our approach to partnerships? Picture a seesaw where everyone has a fun ride.

Tech it Easy, We Simplify!

We use coming of the age techniques to AI, always top in the chart!

Culturally Relevant? Check.

We blend in with consumer culture, ensuring your brand stays relevant. Because we always handle with Love.

Our magic team

Sanjay Singh

Chief Visionary

Deepak Mishra

Operational Guru

Sarbjeet Singh

Pitch Pioneer

Mukesh Kumar

Conversion Captain

Manjeet Kumar

Narrative Navigator

Ujjwal Ganesh

Webmaster Wizard

Neha Anmolu

Idea Illustrator

Hritik Bhardwaj

Social Conductor


Imagination Architect

Pinky Chaudhary

Code Craftsman

Shivani Sirohi

Talent Tactician

Parth Ruhela

Conversion Captain

Raviranjan Singh

Imagination Architect

Anjali Kumari

Code Craftsman

Sangam Rathore

Social Conductor

Kashish Goyal

Imagination Architect

Abhishek Chauhan

Imagination Architect

Akash Kumar

Snack Master

Ashish Rana

Imagination Architect

Mamta Biswal

Search Strategist

Rohit Singh

Imagination Architect

Meet our magic team

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