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CPI Mobile Advertising

Through our Cost Per Install (CPI) mobile advertising solutions, you drive more installs, fixed retention, stable reviews and much more. It lets you track and calculate your in-app investments and ROI.

Mobile Performance Campaigns

With Adtric, you excel in the most important aspects of mobile performance campaigns: technology, data and innovation. If you’re trying to stay ahead of the mobile trends, mobile performance advertising is for you!

User Acquisition

We create personalized user acquisition plans that include mobile ads, banner ads, social media marketing, video marketing and much more. We keep track of total installs and keep refining our strategy to accelerate user acquisition.

User Engagement

From welcome pages to app pages to push notifications, we create and distribute content to drive more user engagement. We monitor the analytics such as the number of likes, installs and uninstalls to understand user preferences.

App Popularity & Optimization

Our team will create a customized plan to increase the visibility of your app in major app stores. We also ensure the app meets store guidelines and has a user-friendly interface across different platforms like iOS and Google Play Store.

App Monetization

We maximize your app revenue while letting you keep complete control of in-app advertising and other ad platforms. We also keep an eye on revenue trends and implement strategies to monetize your mobile app audience.

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