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Campaign Launch & Development

We will work with you and your team to formulate new influencer strategies, create and launch the right plan. Together we’ll discuss what kind of influencer we want to partner with and what targets we’re trying to achieve.

Ongoing Influencer Campaign Management

Our team will manage the entire relationship with the influencer, including the campaign management. We will communicate on your behalf with the influencers and give them all of the campaign information and stipulations.

Creative Brief Development

To ensure all relevant information about the campaign is accessible to the influencers, we create a creative brief for communicating with them. This outlines the type of post they will share, any relevant wording, and guidelines for the picture.

Image Rights Release Development

Determining the image rights of any created content is a critical part of any influencer campaign. We’ll collaborate with influencers to ensure that rights are issued to you as you see fit for any potential use.

Partnership Contract Development

As in any contractual deal, having all aspects of the agreement in writing is always a good idea. Our team will oversee the entire cycle of contract formation and negotiation so you as well as the influencers enter into a clearly defined agreement.

Targeted Influencer List Building

It can be overwhelming to find the right influencers to be working with. We have a growing database of verified influencers. This database is full of people waiting for you to work with us!


  • Planning
  • Outreach
  • Results

We begin by drawing up a list of influencers that will suit your brand and help you achieve your objectives. Then we put together imaginative briefs for the influencer’s tweets, releases of image rights, and campaign agreements which can be updated later with information.

Next, we meet our target influencers and discuss the terms of the contract. If all has been decided, they will start the campaign.

As the campaign begins you should start seeing the effects of all this effort. Increased brand recognition, new customer acquisition and the benefit of valuable assets that you can use in any potential marketing strategies are all planned.

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