It is very necessary for any business to automate their system and if you want to provide good customer service without investing a chunk of your business revenue into resources, then to set auto-reply on Facebook Messenger can prove to be in favor of you.

There are multiple ways to set up these auto-reply systems for Facebook messenger, some are free and some are paid. If you are looking for free options then it’s better to go with Facebook’s internal autoresponder system. It is not a good option to go with a third-party chatbot’s free plan because there are a lot of restrictions in it.

Otherwise, if you are good with a little investment then here are some chatbot tools which I suggest:





I had already written a blog on how to use Wyzebulb a Messenger chatbot, check it out: How To Make Facebook Messenger Auto-Reply To Your Facebook Page Comments?

In this blog, I will cover step by step how to use Facebook’s internal autoresponder tool to set up an auto-reply on Facebook messenger.

Hence without further ado, let’s jump onto the step-by-step guide.

How to set auto-reply on Facebook Messenger?

First, open your Facebook page and navigate to ‘Inbox’. Under that, you will see a section named ‘Automated responses’. Just click on it. In this dashboard, you will do all the things related to auto-reply on Facebook Messenger.


After that, you will see the below screen. In this, you will see a button named ‘Instant Reply’ just under ‘Greet people’. Activate that button.


On the right side, you can see a mobile screen consisting of a welcome message. Well, you can customize it accordingly. To do so just click on the ‘Edit’ button at the center of the screen. With that, you will get the option of editing your welcome message. Just edit it accordingly. You can also add personalized attributes to it, like adding the first name, last name, etc. by clicking on the ‘Add Personalisation’ button under the text box. After doing all these just clicks on ‘save’ at the top right corner.

Furthermore, you can schedule these types of messages in the ‘Timing’ section and can choose the platform too like Messenger or Instagram for delivering these messages.


Now one good feature that you can activate under this panel is ‘Frequently asked questions’ under ‘Share and get information’. Just activate the ‘Frequently asked questions’ and click on the edit button at the center of the screen. From here you can add a question which a visitor can ask and you can set its auto-reply answer too, cool isn’t it.

Below SS, I had shown a question that I had added and its probable answer too. Also, you can add a button too, like I had added an email button. Similarly, you can add multiple questions and their answers. After doing all that, just click on ‘Save’.


Now under ‘Send confirmation’ you can activate the ‘Job application received’ button if you are actively doing job posting and receive a lot of job applications, in that case, it can be a good option to activate.


Under ‘Follow-up’ you can activate the ‘Appointment reminder’.

Another thing is you can send automatic thank you messages to the people who recommend your page or even messages to those who don’t recommend your page and ask for clarification.


You can do all these things for Instagram as well if your Instagram page is connected with your Facebook page (In my case it is not). So, with this single tool you can cover both platforms.


That’s all for this quick tutorial on how to set auto-reply on Facebook messenger for free. And if you can invest, I recommend you to go with the paid tools which I had mentioned above, because you get much more functionality to automate your Facebook Messenger.

I hope you enjoyed this article, do let us know your feedback in the comment box below.


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