Firstly, what exactly is AI, if simply said  “AI is a system which predicts the output on the basis of past data and also exhibits traits of the human mind”.

You can understand this definition very well from Google Maps, Netflix, etc, which showcase the result on the basis of analyzing your behavior and your past searches.

How AI Is Revolutionizing Marketing?

The biggest pain point of the marketer is how they define the target and potential audience and this issue is very well solved by AI. Now marketers are able to target a specific group by leveraging the power of AI. Just take Google Ads which shares the recommendation, whether to increase or decrease the bid, all the suggestions that we get are all possible due to AI.

Also talking about In-market, which is solely possible through AI. Companies like Google, very well utilize this in their marketing tools. Google AI tracks the motion of the user, where he/she is shopping and Google search behavior, this helps Google AI to showcase ads to the specific interested group, and makes the advertisement highly relevant, and influences the user to click the ad and make a purchase.

And thus with this functionality in Google Ads, marketers are able to target their potential customers on the basis of interest, specific person, website Placement Targeting, etc.

Not only these but now through AI, you can also auto-generate the text content in the form of blogs or articles just by giving the set of instructions or sharing your thoughts in audio format which will be decoded by AI to generate the full article. The best tool which provides such great functionality to marketers, for now, is Articoolo and in the future, we will see more such tools even better than these.

Even chat boxes utilize AI to predict the reply and deliver it to the website user. The great thing is many websites are already utilizing this AI technology, even this website too, comes under this category.


How AI Is Revolutionizing Businesses?

Talking about AI’s influence in business, it is helping the business and brands to improve their website and boost conversions. Nowadays many plugins are coming, which can be implemented with the website to track the visitor behavior, where they spend most of their time? Where do they click? etc, and recommend the website changes to you accordingly. Many websites are already using such software to modify their website user experience and website flow. Fantastic! Isn’t it?

AI is not only making the life of marketers easy but also the businesses. Companies invest tons of resources and employees to analyze the data improving the business but due to AI, nowadays tools are capable of analyzing the data and recommend the perfect solution. Also, a single marketer is now capable of handling multiple marketing projects.

This highly reduces the cost of hiring people for data analysis, marketing, and other resources related to it.

Take the example of Google Duplex, this Google system is capable of fixing appointments, taking the phone call in a human voice, and can be trained to attend the call and answer questions about any niche. Even it can be trained to attend reception calls and any type of inbound and outbound calls.


Here is a video from Google where they are showcasing their Google Duplex.

From this example, it is very well understood how AI in the future will help companies and businesses to reduce their employment and infrastructure cost. Also, AI can work day and night in favor of business which will boost productivity and efficiency which is a major issue with humans because of the limitations.

That day is not so far when software can be trained to do pitching and make sales.

With that said many software companies will be able to make tons of money by selling that software. This will totally revolutionize the industry and market.



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