If you are not quite familiar with the term PPC, then, let us tell you, PPC stands for Pay Per Click which means that you are paying every time someone clicks on your advertisement. 

For example, suppose you are searching for a ‘social media advertising agency’. When you open any search result site, various ads come up on your screen. If you get tempted by any ad you click on it and if its contents entice you then you become a customer of that advertising company. So this is what Pay Per Click does.


Why should you choose Pay Per Click over other marketing strategies?

It is a way of having a lot of traffic into your website within a short span of time. Since you are disbursing a lot on this method of marketing strategy, it will provide you with instant desired results. Other methods like SEO, SMO take more time to give expected results and it might take few months. But PPC gives an immediate output. 

There are basically three types of individuals associated with Pay Per Click advertisements- 

  • Advertiser who wants his company ad to be published on the web.
  • Publisher who publishes the ad in return for some profit per click of the ad.
  • Customers who visit the ad and may become a permanent one.


If you have the advertising budget, you can definitely go for Pay Per Click method to market your company. Otherwise, you can go for the SEO method. Because in the PPC method if you are out of your budget, Google will stop advertising your brand. There are several ad agencies and digital marketer that can help you out to market your business with appropriate advertisements.


Types of PPC ads

There are mainly two types of PPC ads-

  • Text-Ads– It comprises a written copy and mostly triggered through Search Network. When you search for a specific keyword in Google, the text-ads containing that specific keyword pop up on your screen. 
  • Display Ads– It comprises of an image or motion graphics having a particular size and visually creative content. These ads are shown in those websites where the advertiser’s target customers generally visit.

To start a Pay Per Click advertising campaign, all you need to do primarily is give few headlines and descriptions and campaign your ad in Google Adwords. You can start advertising on Google Ads where your ad gets advertised on Google’s Search Network as well as on its Display Network.


Benefits of PPC marketing

It proves beneficial to marketing companies in promoting their business by its-

  • Instantaneous traffic accumulation– PPC is a paid marketing strategy that is effective in drawing a significant amount of traffic into your website within a short span of time. So to tempt the customers into visiting your website, make an attractive ad.
  • Precise content– PPC ads are short and contains colorful precise content to attract customers to click on them and visit their website.
  • Dexterity– Based on its performance you can make quick adjustments in your ad for a successful campaign and enhance traffic to your website.
  • Return on Investments (ROI)- how much return can you expect from PPC marketing? Well if you have the budget to disburse for its campaign then let us tell you, PPC provides you with desired results rapidly. But it will cost you well.



PPC is a form of online advertising where you need to pay for every users’ click on your ad. These PPC advertising services are provided by agencies like Adtric Solutions where you can market your business or brand with Pay Per Click.


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